Multidisciplinary sci-fi that imagines a future United States in which Black and Native people have received reparations and the welfare state has expanded. Intertwines with the narrative of Hatnaha, a popular online comic series amongst Black citizens. Hear a reading in the video, and read an excerpt here.


Popular online comic series amongst Black citizens of the Post-Reparations US. Follows three protagonists living in an island nation called Hatnaha located 600 miles south of Cape Town, South Africa. Natives speak Hatnahans, a conlang I'm creating, in a variety of regional accents and dialects. Learn a little about Hatnahans here.


The Wrong Voice Is Coming Out of You
nunats nen-tuk nutaks dipa)
Music duo living in and writing about the Post-Reparations US, comprised of me and Devin Kenny. Songs are sung in English and Hatnahans. Hear some songs and listen to us discuss the project in the podcast.