a city
Sci-fi that imagines a future United States in which Black and Native people have received reparations and the welfare state has expanded. Intertwines with the narrative of Hatnaha, an online comic series popular among Black citizens. Read an excerpt here.

Read one character try to contact another in Number Five of Negar Azimi and Pati Hertling's epistolary project Deadlines and Divine Distractions


Popular online comic series amongst Black citizens of the Post-Reparations U.S. Follows three protagonists living in an island nation called Hatnaha located 600 miles south of the Africa's southern tip. Natives speak Hatnahans, a conlang I'm creating, in a variety of regional accents and dialects. Learn a little about Hatnahans here.


The Wrong Voice Is Coming Out of You
nunats nen-tuk nutaks dipa)
Music duo living in and writing about the Post-Reparations US, comprised of me and Devin Kenny. Songs are sung in English and Hatnahans.

Click the image to hear a mix of songs we've been working on and read about my first visit to Hatnaha, featured in the second issue of unbag.