Hatnahans is a conlang from an online comic series popular among Black citizens living a Post-Reparations US. The comic is set on an island nation called Hatnaha located 600 miles south of Africa's southern tip, and operates as a story within a larger story about life and racial identity after Reparations. In this future US, fans of the comic learn and speak the language, similar to Trekkies and Klingon.

In a music collaboration with Devin Kenny, we make songs as characters in this future U.S. and sing in both English and Hatnahans.

Learn more about Hatnahans here.

Romanization—Test 1 (2017-2018 QAM Annual), 2018
2017-2018 Queer|Art Mentorship exhibition at the LGBT Center

For Queer|Art Mentorship’s annual exhibition, I translated the wall labels into romanized Hatnahans, which features a number of consonant clusters, such as sk, st, and sn at the beginning of words, tn, kn, and pn in the middle of words, and ks, ns, and ts at the ends. Vowels a, e, i, and u appear throughout, while the romanized form of the language lacks o’s, c’s, f’s, j’s, l’s, q’s, r’s, v’s, and w’s with the exception of loanwords.