Performing Explain Totality at ISSUE Project Room for Queer Trash: the Symposium, September 22, 2018. Photos by Cameron Kelly McLeod courtesy ISSUE Project Room


Beach Letter
ADULT CONTEMPORARY at BOFFO Fire Island Performance Festival, Fire Island Pines, New York, August 12, 2018

Performance that continues ongoing narrative that imagines life in a U.S. after Reparations, including movement to techno group Drexciya, audio narrative, and writing in the sand.

Photos by Nir Arieli 


What Are Our Questions?
in collaboration with Troizel Carr and Bleue Liverpool
Artists Space, New York, NY, March 22, 2018

Troizel Carr, Bleue Liverpool and I participate in an evening of readings, projection mappings, and improvisational acts scripted with and without an audience. Dislocating the neatness of categories such as autonomy and sociality and positioning these as irreducibly entangled states, the evening asks what it is that collectively formed questions can serve to rupture and preserve.


Sunday Service: Jonathan Gonzalez Presents…Sepo Seecharan Prins and Marlene Mulele Seecharan, NIC Kay, Justin Allen, Rena Anakwe
Knockdown Center, Queens, NY, October 1, 2017

On the Motion of the Heart and Blood in Animals (1628) documents William Harvey’s watershed findings on the two-way circulatory system; one way pumping blood to the extremities and another back to the heart to be reinvigorated with oxygen. During this dissection, Harvey also encountered an ominous black fluid like ’thick earth’ termed colloquially as ‘black bile’ in the arteries. As one of the four body humors, coleric/black bile was said to hold the properties of mysticism, hysteria, and evil – but as Harvey’s findings revealed…the black stuff in the body was blood all along.

For this Sunday Service, five artists are invited to commune with the Ready Room as a living site for a circulatory exchange.


Explain Totality
Queer Abstract at Starr Bar, Brooklyn, NY,  September 15, 2017

Performance incorporating music, movement, and text to consider racial dynamics within mosh pits.