Demonym (2015-)

Ongoing speculative fiction that imagines a United States in which Black and Native people have been paid reparations and the welfare state has expanded. Read an excerpt here and hear the prologue here.

Popular online comic series amongst Black citizens of the Post-Reparations US. Follows three protagonists living in an island nation called Hatnaha located 600 miles south of Cape Town, South Africa. Natives speak Hatnahans, a lingua franca, in a variety of regional accents as well as a number of regional languages descended from the same family. Learn a little about Hatnahans here.

nunats nen-tuk nutaks dipa (NNND)
Music duo living in and writing about the Post-Reparations US. Comprised of me and Devin Kenny. Learn more and listen to some songs here.



BD GRMMR (2012 - )
Artist collective founded in the summer of 2012 with friends and collaborators Yulan Grant and Brandon Owens and centered on a zine of the same name that documents the lives and works of QTPOC artists. Learn more about BG and read some of our zines here.



Research-based long poem on the origins of DJ Venus X's GHE20 G0TH1K party. Composed from field research, interviews, and a variety of secondary sources. Please email me if you'd like to read the manuscript!